Chinese Screen wall hanging

Chinese Screen wall hanging

Chinese New Year Decoration Ideas

Chinese communities around the world prepare for the upcoming Chinese New Year festivals. To celebrate the holiday, the houses are decorated with red and gold, clean and fragrant food that brings good luck in the coming year. Prepare your home designs with these Chinese New Year decoration ideas for a happy New Year.


For many Chinese festivals, lanterns work perfectly, but especially during the Chinese New Year. You can hang them from streetlights, branches, office buildings, and houses. It is believed to derive bad luck by hanging it in front of a building.

Fai Chunn Banners

These banners are usually red with black or gold calligraphy letters. The banners' messages bring blessings and prosperity wishes.

Paper Cuttings

You can hang paper cuttings on a transparent surface or a white background. They usually have different symbolic meanings representing plants or animals. Every design style is a sign of the desire that the hanger wants to get fulfilled in the coming year.

Door Couplets

Couplets that are hanged on either side of the door usually come in pairs. This subject matter is Chinese New Year-related themes, such as the spring arrival.

Inverted Fu

Hang a diamond-shaped piece of paper with the letter FU on a doorway, it brings prosperity. Purposely turn upside down so that the homeowners would be blessed with prosperity.


Kumquat is a citrus fruit found in southern China. In Southern Cantonese dialects and standard Mandarin, the Kumquat name is meant to attract luck and gold. During the Chinese New Year kumquats are popular as both decoration and food. Kumquats are placed in the mid of the tables, the branches of kumquat may form a nice centerpiece, or it can be placed as a tree in the corner.

Door Gods

Paintings of deities belonging to the Chinese folk religion are often adorned on the doors. The deities come in pairs as traditional Chinese doorways have two doors. Nowadays it is less popular among the sophisticated urban, but in rural areas, it is still widely used.


The Chinese New Year paintings tradition is thousand years old. They present Chinese mythology, animal scenes, and folk tales. They are full of symbolism and often display chubby babies and beautiful women.

Bamboo Plants

Bamboo plants attract good luck so many Chinese houses display bamboo house plants.

Plum and Cherry Blossoms

The Chinese New Year's primary purpose is to start in the spring. Thus, cherry and plum blossoms are the first flowering plants of the year that signify the arrival of spring. You can use the branches as a decorative Chinese design, and use their flowers as centerpiece decorations.


For the Chinese, New Year flowers are an ideal decoration as they symbolize spring and new life. Narcissus, orchids, and peonies, are popular as real flowers or paper ornaments resembling them.

Gold Ingots

The ancient Chinese gold ingots were long and curved up at the ends, vaguely shaped like a boat. As it is a symbol of prosperity and wealth, holiday centerpieces often feature this form,

Endless Knots

This fine craft can be hanged from mantelpieces, door handles, tablecloths, chandeliers, and all sorts of other places. Each knot is made up of a piece of non-broken string. Their durability is a symbol of longevity.


Chinese ancient coins were round with a square hole in the middle. This shape has come to be a symbol of wealth, so it is a popular New Year's decoration Chinese design. You can tie three of them on the sting for some kind of charm which is given as a gift.

Chinese Dragon Decor

On Chinese New Year the dragon Chinese decor on the back door of the house or in the backyard of a pond is said to attract lots of blessings. Keep a pair of dragons together to avoid any clash in the family. To increase the family's good health and luck, you can place dragon decorations in the eastern sector of your home. To avoid accidents and injuries, you may position it facing the main door to bless you with protection. Just add dragon decoration to your wealth or career field if you want to achieve success; it symbolizes great wealth.

Chinese Home Decor

On Chinese New Year, these traditional Chinese home decor ideas will prep your home.

Door Couplets

On the main door couplets of New Year are pasted with good wishes. As prosperity and good luck are associated with numbers, traditionally Chinese New Year's greetings are posted in pairs. In the form of couplets, these wishes are written with black ink on red paper. Until next New Year, you may let the couplets stay up there. As part of the decoration, you can ink your beliefs and hang them as wall art.

Bright Red Lights

Paper lanterns are part of traditional Chinese New Year's decorations that you may have made at an early age; you can decorate them better as the fairy light. You can stick your DIY paper lanterns around the string of the fairy lights and your lantern fairy will light up. To decorate any corner of your home these bright red lights are enough.

Traditional Red Lantern

The red lantern is an important part of traditional Chinese New Year's decorations. During the Mid-Autumn Spring Festival, you can hang these lanterns in almost every home. It is believed that hanging these lanterns in your office or at home, will save your space from negative energy.

Chinese Knots

It is believed that knots represent longevity and also protect against evil. Hanging knots on windows or doors is a classic idea. This not only makes the flowers look colorful but also unique. You can decorate any plant in the house with modern Chinese knots.

Chinese Bathroom Decor

In with accordance to year's sign stick mouse image on the bathroom door. You can print your image with a custom design. In front of your bathroom, you may paint the rats, or buy some stickers representing the lunar feel. You can also decorate your bathroom with lion dance, dragon, or wallpaper of cherry blossom. Also, you can adjust the bathroom lightening with red lanterns. Red and white candles can also be used as bathroom decor. You can also choose red flowers to put in the bathroom. The red elements can be a symbol of luck and prosperity.