In love with the Chinese culture and its clothes ? You have come to the right place, our collections of Chinese clothes for all women will make you fall in love. From the Chinese dress to the jacket and the traditional Hanfu costume, you will surely find the Chinese clothing of your dreams.

Embrace Traditional Chinese Clothing Female 

If you are a fan of traditional Chinese art, Hanfu is the perfect garment for you. These ancient tunics are for women with refinement, elegance and chic. Their high quality fabrics will give you a very comfortable feeling and their embroidered patterns are of incomparable beauty. Hanfu is one of the latest trends in terms of Chinese fashion, it is basically an ancient costume worn in the time of the Hans, but which is brought up to date by the younger generations.

If we haven't completely quenched your thirst for Chinese culture with our Hanfus, we offer you our new collection of Chinese jackets for women. Our jackets are elegant, chic and filled with ancient Chinese stories. Also called as "Tangzhuang" they are very popular and will bring a touch of China in your everyday outfits.

The dress, star of the Traditional Chinese Clothing Female 

What would be an Asian outfit without a Chinese dress ? On Chinese Temple, you will find approximately 150 Chinese dresses on our online store, which will delight all tastes and colors of each of you. Whether you prefer long or short dresses, silk or cotton or tight or loose, we have all types of Chinese Clothing at your disposal.

Every woman should have a Qipao to embellish her wardrobe, this Chinese traditional dress can be worn for all occasions ! For a formal event or ceremony, adopt a Chinese dress with a noble fabric like silk and opt for a long Qipao. But for a more casual evening, adopt the short Chinese dress to remain glamorous in all circumstances.

Traditional Chinese Clothing Female , A quality to the appointment

All our clothes, whether for men or women, are of superior quality and follow a very precise quality control. All fabrics used are also high quality, for example we use only pure cotton. This quality of clothes also comes from a manufacture in the purest know-how of the Chinese culture at Chinese suppliers respecting the traditional methods of craft.