Chinese Mask

Chinese mask origin is in the shamanic rituals. They were used during funeral rites. Masks were made over time, and today they have many uses from birth to funeral. They are used during ceremonies, and dance performance shows for newborns, anti-evil masks and theatre masks. People wear the sorcerer's mask during the ceremonies, which are held to welcome the gods and spirits. For a better tomorrow, these masks are used in prayer rituals and help the soul rest in peace during funerary rituals.

Chinese Opera Mask

Chinese opera is one of the well-known and oldest dramatic arts in the world. At a specific period, it was encouraged by the officials and emperors of the court of that time, which was internationally known as China's musical theatre and drama. Thus it became a traditional art form. Historically, with specific dynasties periods, operas have had a different regional twist, as specific roots.

Chinese opera masks are one of the main methods used by actors as make-up. As the Chinese opera mask is used to represent different human emotions, the facial expressions frequent changes make the opera mask an ideal technique.

Only three colours were used in the Chinese opera mask red, white and black, and each has its symbolic meaning. The red colour symbolizes courage, loyalty, and honesty. Including roughness and strength, black suggests a severe and gentle temperament. White represents a suspicious character.

Chinese Demon Mask

Originated from Japanese patterns and tradition, the demon masks are also known as Namahage. These creatures are widely described as ogre-like, red devils, devil-horned trolls emerging from the forehead surrounded by wild jet black hair. These sharp claws, imaginary humanoids are the root of nightmares. The red demon mask has found its way into the world of tattoos. Superstitious lovers have dedicated their body parts to this evil creature. The red demon face mask is mostly in cartoonish Chinese art style. Coloured in bright black and red, demon faces can evoke a range of emotional expressions. People who are more prone to superstitious beliefs get this demon mask as an anti-evil spirit for protection. 

Chinese Dragon Mask

In Chinese culture, the dragon mask is used for prosperity and good luck and is usually red, gold, and blue. The Chinese dragon represents good luck, health, strength, and the male element yang. The old dragon is a legendary creature, and children are born in the year of the dragon more than any other animal. The dragon masks are perfect for Chinese New Year. Face masks made of cloth with a dragon theme are used in public places to protect from various viruses.