Chinese furniture shape evolved with three distinct lineages date back to 1000 BC, the panel and frame, the racks and yoke, and the bamboo construction technique.  Chinese home furniture is made independently of Western furniture in many similar shapes, including chairs, tables, toilets, cupboards, cupboards, beds, and sofas. Until about the 10th century, the Chinese used to sit on mats or low platforms using low tables in the typical Asian style, but then gradually moved to high tables with chairs.

Chinese Floor Table

In ancient times, before tables and chairs became popular, the Chinese sat on the floor. They had a table with small legs; in ancient Chinese, it was called a bed. Something that has been around since ancient times, in the dialects of Hokkien and Teochew, they still call tables’ as beds. This situation lasts until the song dynasty, and modern Japanese and Koreans still have the habit they learned long before the Chinese. So when people want to respect each other in a room, either sitting kneeling or cross-legged, the usual way is to keep their hands on the ground, usually left palm on the top of right; then they bend down, touching the back of the right hand with their heads. With chairs and tables becoming popular, it will be difficult for people to bow their hands to the floor to show respect when sitting in a chair.

Chinese Tea Table

Tea has a history of more than 4700 years, and it is spreading all over the world. The tea table is furniture for holding tea accessories, used for drinking tea, and has two shapes, square and rectangular. There is a tea table for tea culture. It holds a variety of tea sets, but the formation process from brewing tea to drinking tea is witnessed. The etiquette at the tea table is also an important manifestation of Chinese tea ceremony culture. The Chinese have a dining table and a tea table for drinking, which can be essential pieces of furniture for every home. Chinese people like to serve guests tea at tea tables. It seems like a simple cup of tea, but it needs a lot of awareness to serve it well. It can reflect a person's manners while serving the tea, so the tea table is essential for Chinese households. When purchasing Chinese tea tables consider these most important things including: the style of your tea table, space of the room, tea table safety, and tea table details.

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Chinese Coffee Table

Coffee is not new to China. In the late 19th century, some historians discovered coffee in the region when it was introduced to Yunnan province by French missionaries. Two hundred years later, in 1999, the first Starbucks opened in Beijing. Having more surfaces for things like a TV remote, mug, etc a coffee table offers all sorts of capabilities to illuminate your lounge. A glass coffee table enhances the beauty of the room. A coffee table with storage is perfect for creating more space in a room.

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