What would be an Asian dressing room without the famous Chinese jacket for men also know as "Tangzhuang". This beautiful suit jacket is the perfect piece for any fan of the Chinese culture. We have selected through this collection the best jackets you can find in terms of quality, as well as beauty! For an even more unique style, you can add a Chinese t-shirt under your jacket.

The origins of the Chinese Jacket Mens

A Tangzhuang is a Chinese jacket that appears in the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). recently, it has been adopted by more ordinary people. To learn more about the Chinese Tangzhaung jacket, our team will put together a blog post to tell you all about its history and some tips on how to wear it.

The Traditional Jacket for Men

At Chinese Temple we love to find typical clothes from the ancient culture of China. That's why you'll find in this collection many Chinese jackets for men directly from the Qing dynasty. Made following the rules of Chinese know-how and with high quality textiles such as satin, silk or linen, these jackets are perfect for the Middle Kingdom's lovers. If you are a woman looking for the same type of jacket, we have a collection of women's jackets in our women's clothing section.

The modern chinese jacket mens

Do you want to be modern ? We also offer a wide range of jackets with a more modern Chinese style. Indeed you can find Chinese jackets in bomber style or design jackets embroidered with a dragon, more simple jackets in beige or black to be elegant. All these jackets will fill your wardrobe with modern Chinese fashion.

Are you tall and looking for a jacket that fits you perfectly ? The Chinese long jacket is the jacket for you. Its trench-like shape and length falling below the waist will highlight your figure.

The Chinese Jacket Mens is perfect for an event

For a wedding, we recommend you to adopt the typical Chinese wedding jacket. This jacket with a red color is the jacket that you need for a Chinese wedding. In fact, in china the red is a very popular color for weddings, like white in the West. Moreover, our jackets are ideal for any Asian event. Indeed for a formal reception you will find your happiness with our traditional jackets and for a more casual Chinese evening you have a large number of more modern jackets.

Moreover, all our jackets come with a size guide to make sure they fit you perfectly.