To celebrate any occasion, these Chinese Lanterns are a colorful way to brighten the night sky. These Chinese Lanterns are an addition to make your birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, events or Chinese festivals more memorable and joyful. 


Chinese Lantern Fly

On the 15th day of the first month of the lunar calendar, the Lantern Festival, or Spring Festival, is celebrated in China and other Asian countries that honor dead ancestors. Chinese New Year is also celebrated as a lantern festival when thousands of lanterns are released into the night skies. Children go out at night with paper lanterns and solve the lanterns riddles.

In ancient China, lanterns were used to provide light and, after some time, Buddhist worship. Now, these are used for modern forms of worship, New Year celebration and other special occasions. Lanterns have become a symbol of national pride in China and are used to decorate homes and public places. With its flexible LED light, it is the most famous decorative lighting for occasions. Eco-friendly sky lanterns are a fun activity to enjoy on any occasion with your friends and family. The night skies lanterns are super easy to use to enjoy events and magical nights. Fairy lights lanterns can create an exciting environment for any occasion. 

Chinese Paper Lanterns

Paper hanging lanterns are perfect for creating a joyful environment for holidays, birthdays, parties, weddings, or other events. When floating lanterns, make sure you light your lantern in a safe outdoor place. Chinese New Year is also celebrated by releasing thousands of lanterns into the night skies. Children go out at night with paper lanterns and solve the lanterns riddles.

For all wedding styles, hanging lanterns look beautiful during the day or night. You can hang them from roofs, trees or shepherds' hooks. You can use them on windows and walls, centerpieces, and entrances. They look amazingly bright at night or full of flowers during the day. Sky lanterns are small hot air balloon made of rice paper with an opening at the bottom where a small fire is suspended.

They have many different shapes, including spherical, square, and rectangle. Lanterns are easy to use and fully assembled for your convenience. These are lightweight, easy to carry and highly safe. These are eco-friendly with the environment to protect the environment. With high-quality flame-resistant paper, these are a budget-friendly DIY choice.

Chinese New Year Lanterns

Chinese New Year Lanterns brings pleasant colors and sparkle to your outdoor or indoor places, perfect to make a joyful environment. Chinese lanterns are perfect for decorating areas on different occasions, such as Lantern Festival, Chinese New Year, Spring Festival, Chinese wedding reception, birthday party wedding, and more events. Hanging lanterns are said to bring good luck and are especially common during festivals. Chinese lanterns come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, although the traditional red and gold balloon lantern is the most popular for the Chinese New Year. Lanterns of red color are a symbol of prosperous business and life. Many Chinatowns and Chinese-owned shops and restaurants hang them red lanterns all year round.