Lights have an important place in the traditional Chinese culture due to a unique light emitted. The special effect given reflect the ancient Chinese civilization. Chinese Temple have many authentic and traditional Chinese lamps available in various colors, sizes, and styles, including ginger jars, ginger leaf, etc.

Chinese Floor Lamp

Floor lamps are versatile, and they offer unique styles. In addition to providing light, they are a good addition to the interior design or add interest to an empty corner. The good thing is that they can be moved to whenever needed.

The best fabric shades for your lamp are those made from natural fibers such as cotton or linen which our website will provide you. Others materials will not be smooth.

Floor lamps provide three common layers of light: ambient, task, and accent.

Ambient lighting provides an overall light in the room, usually reflected or scattered. A common characteristic of this light is that its light spreads sideways and upwards in the room. Task Lighting sheds light on the bottom; provides light to help you with a particular task. It is a focused hotspot of light that enables you to read, craft, and so on.  Accent lighting draws attention to a specific object or part of the room. Traditional lamps easily fit in minimal space. Due to horizontal expansion, arc lamps take up more space. A tripod lamp takes up more space.

Most Chinese floor lamps are made of bamboo and wood. The lamp holders of Chinese floor lamps mostly stand with carved and hollow-out patterns representing simplicity. The lampshade of Chinese floor lamps is usually made of parchment and Chinese red silk yarn to soften the light; meanwhile, the whole place color tone will be relaxed. In addition, some Chinese floor lamps will choose more natural materials such as natural rattan and cotton linen. All the elements create a classic and elegant feeling.

Chinese Table Lamp

Chinese table lamps brighten up the room with orients splash. It is common to have a table lamp in the bedroom sight able. It's an element beyond just ordinary decoration, a valuable furniture piece that makes our daily lives easier.

Room lamps that enhance the rooms’ beauty, proud of their appearance, modern table lamps are among the most exciting home decorative items that bring out the place's personality.

Chinese Porcelain Lamps

Chinese porcelain lamps look beautiful and unique with the grace that is bestowed upon them by Chinese craftsmen. And you can see this attention to detail on each porcelain lamp. They are strong but delicate and express the nurturing spirit of Chinese artisans. Porcelain lamps are simple but stylish and eye-catching. Porcelain is a soft but hard material that gives the interior luxurious and trendy looks. Chinese porcelain lamp marks the statement in your living room, kitchen, and home. Chinese porcelain lamps are Asian-inspired lamps with fantastic color choices to light up the room more beautiful. The unique selections of Chinese porcelain, lamps are carefully crafted with attention.