Discover our selection of Chinese pants to dress you in the best style of the Middle Kingdom. Whether you are looking for a traditional, sarouel or very modern pants, you will find your happiness among our collection. Match a Chinese jacket with your pants to have a real Chinese style.

History of Chinese Pants

The traditional Chinese pants, have a long history in China. The Han civilization is considered one of the first in the world to wear pants. Kun(裈) and Ku(袴) are the two words that represent the traditional chinese pants.

The Kun is an ancestral trouser with an opening at the crotch. According to archaeological research, the Kun dates back to the late Neolithic period. In ancient times, only the  only the superior people form the society used to wear the Kun outside. People like solider or farmers were not wearing it. By the way, did you know that the main characterisics of the traaditional chinese pants aka the Ku was to keep your warm ? 

Bring Chinese Pants to your wardrobe

At Chinese Temple you will find a wide selection of typical Chinese pants. Indeed, there is one to wear for every occasion. From the classic plain pants for everyday life to the more traditional pants embroidered with Chinese symbols. Whatever your morphology you will find the type of pants that suits you: the baggy cut to be comfortable and for a casual style while keeping the Asian spirit with symbols yin yang pattern or the pattern of phoenix. On the other hand, slim-fitting pants are perfect for highlighting your legs or creating a more structured silhouette.

Are you a fan of velvet pants? Or are you more into cotton pants? Our collection includes all the fabrics you want, from polyester to linen, you will find the pants that suit you.

Quality of our Chinese Pants is our priority

Our pants are the result of a very strict quality control in order to offer you the best possible garment, all with top-of-the-range finishing. The pants as all our other products are from a know-how and Chinese craftsmanship and we do everything possible to delight you, including with a 100% free delivery.