Need a warm garment for mid-season or winter ? Our Chinese Style Women's Jackets will be your best choice if you are a  Chinese culture lover. We have several styles of women's jackets that will delight all your expectations.

Chinese Style Women's Jackets: A Traditional style

Are you a Chinese Culture lover ? Well, you are at the right place ! Our collection have authentic models of Women jackets. Even if this piece was more popular for men in ancient times, womens also wore it nowadays. Our Chinese Style Women's Jackets will cover you with a refined style in a beautiful straight cut with mao collars, sating materials and embroidered design. 

By the way, did you know that Chinese jacket are also called "Tangzhuang"

Chinese Style Women's Jackets are classy and elegant in any season

Looking for an authentic chinese piece for this winter ? Our Chinese Style Women's got you covered ! Mix traditional with elegant while being warm for your winter walk. And if you like more formal jackets, chinese temple have something for you. Adopt a slim and tailored jacket model with a refined fit that will 100% ensure a professional and distinguished look !

In this collection, we have select many chinese style women's jackets that will be perfect for the mid-season and that will enhance your shape because it is fitted at the waist level and flared on the hips one. Moreover, the mao collar will keep you warm on a every day basis.

Flowers is the main pattern on Chinese Style Women's Jackets

Di you know that the flowers were an omnipresent symbol in the Chinese culture ? In fact, they have a strong symbol. Jacket can have several significations:

‚ÄĘ Chrysanthemums¬†is¬†a symbols that is often used in Chinese medicine and that represent prosperity & longevity.

‚Äʬ†A jacket with lotus patterns is a stong symbol of nobility¬†for the woman.¬†

Chinese Style Women's Jackets: A Chinese know-how

Just like our jacket, t shirt and other Chinese clothes, our chinese style women's jackets are made by local producers respecting the old Chinese know-how back from the late dynasty. Find your happiness among a large choice from more casual to ancient and traditional ones.