How to Make Chinese Tea

How to Make Chinese Tea -

How to Make Chinese Tea

How to brew Chinese black tea

  • Before making a cup of black tea, you need to prepare a clean tea set (such as a teapot, fair cup, and cup), tea, and a kettle of boiling water.
  • Measuring in a cup of tea/teapot
  • Measure the required amount of black tea leaves (3 to 5 grams for 150 to 250 ml of tea) and put it in a cup of tea.
  • Boiling water and pouring it into a cup/tap
  • Boil water and pour into cups. If a teapot is used, you are advised to fill 80% of the tea water with water (to avoid splash when flowing).
  • Observing the color and smelling the scent
  • The aroma of tea tastes good. Let the tea leaves stand for 2 to 3 minutes. You are then advised to observe the red infusion and smell its scent.
  • Enjoy it

How to brew Chinese green tea

  • Heat the pot with hot water and drain.
  • Pour the hot water into about 1/3 of the pot.
  • Add 1 gram of tea for every 50 ml of water.
  • Add about 85⁰C water.
  • Let the tea simmer for about 2 minutes.
  • Pour the tea into a serving jar.
  • Serve

How do you say tea in Chinese

How to do a Chinese tea ceremony

  • Prepare a tea set
  • A complete tea set is required for a Chinese tea ceremony, including a tea bottle, gradient, teapot, kettle, water, tea leaves, tray; different tea sets should be prepared for different teas. For example, a white porcelain tea set is mainly used for serving green tea, and a purple sand set is used for red tea.
  • Rinse the teapot and teacups.
  • Cleaning is to preheat the tea set as pre-heating can completely remove the aroma of the tea.
  • Hot water.
  • Put the tea leaves in the teapot.
  • Use the tea branches to move the tea leaves to the teapot. Generally, tea leaves should be 1/3 of the tea.
  • Wash the tea leaves.
  • Pour hot water into the tea water, let it for a few seconds, and quickly add water to the tea leaves to remove the dust or some impurities.
  • Fill the tea with boiling water, cover it and wait a few seconds to preserve the aroma of the tea soup.
  • Put the tea soup in the
  • First, pour the tea soup into a large fair cup, shake it, and pour it into a small teacup.
  • Offer a cup of tea.
  • Remember to offer tea to guests with both hands to show respect.
  • Smell and then sip tea.
  • After receiving a cup of tea, one should smell the aroma of tea soup and then take a sip instead of swag to taste the tea soup.

How to make tea in a Chinese teapot

  • ⅓ to the teapot filled with dried tea leaves. Heat the water as it boils, then allow it to cool to the appropriate temperature (110 ° -160 for green tea, 175 ° -195 for white, 195 ° -210 for semifermented, 210 for black).
  • Fill the teapot almost with this water, then add it immediately and drain. This washes away the dust from the leaves, the tea leaves begin to open so that they release their full flavor on the infusion, and heat the pot.
  • Fill the teapot with more water at the same temperature. Wait 1-2 minutes for white, 1-5 minutes for green tea, 15-60 seconds for semifermented and black.
  • Carefully pour each drop of the first infusion into the cup (or if it does not hold the total amount, put it in another container).

What kind of tea do Chinese drink

·         Chinese green tea:

Of all the Chinese teas, green tea is the most natural and familiar. It is famous tea all over the world. Green tea comes with several health benefits, including weight loss, fighting diabetes, heart problems, and obesity.

·         Pu-erh tea:

Large-scale tea brewing in the province of Yunnan province, Pu-erh tea is an ideal type of tea in which most of its health benefits are derived from its reputation. Tea leaves are oxidized and fermented after drying.

·         Chinese black tea:

This tea, commonly known as 'red tea' from China, got its name because of its high oxidation color. It is dry, oxidized and roasted, and has a more profound process than any other type of tea, resulting in green, white, or oval tea.

·         Chinese oolong tea:

The composition of this oolong tea is somewhere between green and black tea types. The process leaves it semi-fermented or semi-oxidized. This tea follows a different procedure. It is first fried, wrapped, and then roasted, giving the leaves a green color in the middle, pointing to the red edge.

·         Chinese white tea:

The white tea color comes from the tea plant's unopened buds. It is pretty healthy because it retains its antioxidant properties even after the synthetic procedure has been performed. Its process is the same as green tea.

How to make traditional Chinese tea

  • Choose tea from a vacuum pack bag that lasts no more than a month or two. Ideally, use spring water, but if you have to rely on tap water, use water that is already boiled.
  • Fill a third of a small teapot with tea leaves.
  • Pour the leaves into boiling water at 90 degrees Celsius (194 Fahrenheit). Squeeze the water out. This first infusion, which is always thrown away immediately, washes the leaves.
  • Pour more hot water over the tea leaves. Please wait a minute or two and then pour the liquid into a small pot (part of a standard tea set) through a tea stencil so that it doesn't get too long. It should be greenish-yellow tea.
  • Pour the liquid from the pot into a small cylindrical sniffer cup. It smells good, and then put it in a small drinking cup. Both cups come with a set of tea.
  • Drink cups in three to four hours.
  • Repeat step 4 until the leaves become too weak to produce any flavour.
  • The third infusion through the fifth infusion is generally considered to be the best infusion of tea. However, different teas react differently and may require an additional infusion of boiling water to bring them to life.
  • The water temperature depends on the tea. Cooked tea should be made with 90-degree water. Use water at 70 to 80 degrees for small tea. If the water is too hot, the tea will be bitter.

Is there caffeine in Chinese tea

Chinese green tea contains 30-35 mg of caffeine per ounce cup.

What is Chinese red tea

As it is called in the West today, Chinese black tea is a tea that has been oxidized and has a distinctive red color. In China, these so-called black teas are known as red tea (hong cha) because of the red color of the tea.