Chinese Pottery With Blue And White Marks

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Chinese Authenticity Guaranteed 🇨🇳

The Chinese Blue And White Pottery Marks of different types signify different things. For instance, a pair of cranes signifies harmonious marriage, the dragon symbolizes the emperor of China, and others mean differently. Since several symbols have different meanings, they were designed on pottery to uphold the Chinese culture. 


Here the products you get are exquisitely handicraft and are a treasure of art. With refined shapes and distinctive art, you get the real item to beautify your home. These porcelains with symbols will furnish your place and will make you live with the brilliant culture of marks. 

Chinese Pottery With Blue And White Marks Features

  • It has a Mascot theme
  • Antique Imitation style
  • Made of high-quality Ceramic & Enamel materials
  • Weighs: 220g
  • Height: 5.1”/ 13x3.5cm